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Former Sherriff David Clark Speaks out on Politics Seeping into Sports

Here's some straight-up, no-nonsense talk! Former Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County in Wisconsin is not one to suffer fools gladly, and he has plenty of opinions in this segment about ESPN host Jemele Hill, who recently tweeted that President Trump "is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists." The ex-sheriff and Fox News contributor, who made a name for himself for his hardline conservative views, says that racism is a very "diluted" term these days, but agrees with the hosts on Fox & Friends that it's a bad idea to mix sports and politics as sports ...Continue reading

Hillary Trolled at her Own Book Signing Event

What happened, Hillary? It's funny that when Hillary Clinton writes a book entitled "What Happened," an intrepid news reporter believes that Clinton might actually want to answer that same question at a book signing in Manhattan. When the reporter — who is actually The Rebel's Laura Loomer — finally queries Clinton after waiting in line for several hours in uncomfortable heat (Hillary was over 50 minutes late to her own book signing), Clinton cackles, and serves up a retort that's 100-percent vintage Hillary. Of course, Clinton's response in no way answers the questions Loomer has about "what happened" in Benghazi, ...Continue reading

Floyd Mayweather Defends President Trump

Don't get annoyed, Floyd! That might be what the hosts of media program Hollywood Unlocked were hoping as world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather explained his take on the behavior of President Trump and how people respond to the businessman-turned-world leader in public situations. Mayweather makes some excellent points, the chief of which is that, although it might be politically incorrect to do so, he feels that Trump is an "honest" person with his talk and his actions — meaning that Trump doesn't attempt to pretend to be someone that he's not. As Mayweather says, sometimes Trump's behavior isn't always pretty, ...Continue reading

Video Proof Not Even Bernie Sanders Believes Medicare for All Would Work for America

Ah, what a difference 30 years make! Back in 1987, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders was the Socialist mayor of Burlington, Vermont, and — as can be seen in this clip — he was talking to Canadian physician Milton Terris as part of a local-access cable TV show he hosted called "Bernie Speaks." The two men were debating the disparate health care programs of the United States and Canada. Clearly, Sanders is envious of the Canadian program, which features a single-payer system. But as you can see in this bombshell clip, Sanders admits that a similar system in the United States, ...Continue reading

Former President Obama Costs Taxpayers $1 Million a Year

Were you aware that your taxpayer dollars are footing the bill for former President Obama's private offices, his IT costs, his cell phone bills and other perks? Together with Obama's $236,000 per year pension, plus 24/7/365 Secret Service protection for him and Michelle (even when they're separated), Obama is costing the U.S. government more than $1 million per year — more than any other living ex-president. This is despite the fact that since leaving office, he's signed a $60 million deal for his memoirs and received $800,000 for just two speeches. Is this a colossal waste of money, or what? ...Continue reading