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Throwback Video Showing Popular Democrats Agree with Trump’s Immigration Plans

It’s time to turn the spotlight on the hypocrisy of opponents of President Trump’s plans for illegal immigration and a wall. Since President Trump shocked Democrats by winning the election and then pushing for the wall he promised, the narrative has been that he hates immigrants because of his stand. The truth is that the only difference between Trump and Democrats on this issue is execution - while they proclaimed 10 years ago that a wall was a good idea, Trump asked for money to build one. Only 11 years ago, a majority of Senate Democrats voted in favor of ...Continue reading

Obama Chastised Mitt Romney for Warning America about Russia in 2012 Debates. Boy Was He Wrong

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's witch hunt against President Trump has turned out to be a big "nothingburger," to borrow a phrase from CNN. The latest round of indictments against 13 Russian nationals show that President Trump and his entire campaign were completely innocent of colluding with the Kremlin. Furthermore, it shows that the Russians involved in this prank-level "interference" supported Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein, the two leftwing candidates who ran against Hillary Clinton. The elephant in the room, however, is that the Obama administration knew about Russia's desires to interfere in the election and sow discord... and Obama did nothing! ...Continue reading

Liberal Organization with Ties to Hillary and Obama Wants to Restrict Voting Rights of Troops Serving Overseas

The leftwing "think tank" known as the Center for American Progress is calling for the voting rights of American troops serving overseas to be restricted. The Center released a report claiming that election integrity is compromised by electronic voting machines, and therefore the troops serving overseas should only be allowed to submit their votes by snail mail. Remember the 2000 election when we were all waiting for the boatloads of troops' votes to arrive in Florida? Yeah, that was fun. So who is financially backing the Center for American Progress? Among its top donors are the Bill and Melinda Gates ...Continue reading

Report by ICE Agents: 90% of Illegals Arrested by Us Have Criminal History

The amount of lies that liberals will tell about Obama's so-called DREAMers is astonishing. Obama's Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program was passed by an Obama executive order, not by an Act of Congress. It was unilaterally declared by "King Obama" and later declared unconstitutional by a judge. The DACA program allowed millions of illegal aliens from more than 100 countries to sign up and be shielded from deportation. All they had to do was lie and say they were brought here as children, and the Obama administration did nothing to check their stories. Liberals want us all to believe ...Continue reading

FBI Ignored a 2nd Detailed Tip about Parkland School Shooter

The past few months have been a PR nightmare for the FBI. Just weeks after the release of the FISA memo exposed segments of the FBI as being unacceptably partisan and biased, we're now learning that the FBI ignored not one but TWO separate tips about Nikolas Cruz - the individual who would later go on to kill 17 students and teachers at Douglas High School in Parkland, FL. The first tip came in the form of a comment on a YouTube video where Cruz posted a comment saying that he was going to be a "professional school shooter". However, ...Continue reading