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Feminist Blogger Calls her Sons Rapists!

Most mothers would do anything for their children. Beyond the necessities needed to live like food and shelter, mothers provide something else. Something more. They provide love and compassion. They provide their children a shoulder to cry on when things go wrong and an ear to listen and vent to. They are there for their children day or night. From tough love when needed, to warmth and guidance when called for, a mother's love is undying and unwavering. Some might consider these traits necessities to live, right along with food and shelter. This is why the words of one feminist ...Continue reading

Democrats Continue to Embrace Islamic Extremist Linda Sarsour—What Message Does that Send to Americans?

Will the Left ever learn? You’d think that by now (its been eight months since the biggest loss in their party’s history, losing not only the presidency but also numerous seats in Congress) the party would have figured out some kind of way forward. Instead they continue to make asinine moves and embrace the wrong kind of leaders. A perfect example of this is Democrats support for Hamas linked, Islamic extremist Linda Sarsour. Sarsour first gained notoriety by organizing the Women’s March against President Trump shortly after his election win. She then took her new found fame and began spouting ...Continue reading

Susan Rice has a Real Possibility of Being Convicted of a Crime

The release of private information to the general public has grown into an ever alarming trend. While often times the released information, especially that related to politicians, has proven valuable to the general public, it illustrates the notion of nothing truly being secret any longer. Organizations such as WikiLeaks has made a living off of the release of semi-sensitive information, often outlining the corruption of certain political officials (after all, documents and information on the level is generally released without much fanfare). During the recent Presidential Election, Susan Rice, the former National Security Advisor took advantage of her office in ...Continue reading

Herman Cain Goes after the 4 RINO’s who Refuse to Vote for Obamacare Replacement

Obamacare has, for better or worse, turned into a disaster. The idea of affordable health insurance for all is a universal desire in the United States, yet it has hinged on party lines, with both Democrats and Republicans butting heads on how to best achieve the goal. Each side can share some of the responsibility for not passing a quality health insurance that is affordable for everyone. When former President Obama started his campaign for affordable healthcare, it began as a worthwhile idea, but the Affordable Care Act that came out of it is a stripped down disaster, with insurance ...Continue reading

DNC Colluded with Ukrainian Gov’t During Election to Try to Sink Trump

It appears that Republicans aren't the only party being accused of colluding with a specific nation in the East. That's the charge that even Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff of California acknowledges in this telling clip that gets into the details of Democratic connections to an operative in Ukraine, where former President Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort did political consulting work until 2016. In August of 2016, Manafort stepped down from the chairmanship role of the Trump campaign in favor of now-White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon becoming Trump's campaign CEO. Of course, it shouldn't be surprising that the Democrats sought ...Continue reading