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Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Talks Trump vs Obama

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Is Trump doing a good job in office? A majority of his voters seem to think so. Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo gets into the details of how real-world business owners like Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison are doing under the new administration. The positive effects that the stock market, the unemployment rate and the economy in general are experiencing are based more on good feelings that Trump has inspired rather than real-world concrete action. But there are reasonable expectations that President Trump will be able to enact at least some of the items on his agenda this year so that the ...Continue reading

Melania Trump Announces First Family is Moving to Washington

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Barron and Melania Trump can expect some major changes to their lives in the near future. That's because, at last, they're both expected to be brand new tenants of the White House, finally joining President Trump as citizens of Washington, D.C. as opposed to remaining residents of the Big Apple (where Barron reportedly had an entire floor of Trump Tower to himself). Could life at the White House be considered downsizing? Likely not, because in terms of Secret Service protection and a high-profile lifestyle, the comings and goings of the First Family will be much more scrutinized in Washington than ...Continue reading

Harvard Law Professor Explains Why Trump’s Travel Ban is Constitutional

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Would you want to argue against famed Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz? It certainly seems from this clip that CNN's Van Jones — an ex-Communist and senior fellow at John Podesta's Center for American Progress — wants to make a half-hearted effort to do just that. But the fact of the matter is that Dershowitz knows what he's talking about on this issue and others like it. Dershowitz's argument involves the constitutionality of Trump's travel ban to and from six Muslim countries, which has been much discussed in the media since a federal judge in Hawaii blocked it in ...Continue reading

Obama’s CIA Director: It’s Routine for USA to Share Intel with Russians

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Does the CIA have a double standard when it comes to sharing classified information with the Russians? It sure sounds like it from this clip featuring former CIA Director John Brennan, who was in his job for four years under President Obama. If the CIA can share information with the Russians on a routine basis but the president can't, who has more power in the administration? When it comes down to it, the CIA is sharing information with the Russian regime to bolster national security. What's to prevent President Trump or any members of his presidential campaign team from claiming ...Continue reading

Trump’s Budget Does Not Cut Spending like Democrats Say, But it Does Slow Growth in Spending

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Government spending within the United States has been out of control for decades. Currently, the United States national debt sits at over $19 trillion dollars and is inching closer to $20 trillion every single day. Half of this debt alone is due to the previous eight years under the Obama administration. Donald Trump made a campaign promise to cut this spending, and he has since made good on his promise. President Donald Trump released his budget, cutting nearly $2 trillion dollars of spending. While Congress will still have the opportunity to get their hands on it (which means it will ...Continue reading