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John McCain to Blame for Fake News Story about Trump?

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John McCain is one of the most known senators within the United States Congress. The Arizona senator ran for president against Barack Obama the very first time Obama ran back in 2008. While he remains in the senate he also remains one of the most left leaning Republicans today. He has spoken out time and time again against Donald Trump, often attacking his own party lines. Now we find out he was directly involved in the outrageous, obviously fake news story about Donald Trump’s sexual liaison with call girls in Russia that news outlets Buzzfeed and CNN published. The story ...Continue reading

Marco Rubio Betrays Donald Trump

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Oh, Little Marco, will you ever learn? Marco Rubio just can't seem to get out of his own shadow. The Senator from Florida couldn't even win his own state when he ran against Trump in the Republican primaries. Perhaps the rest of the country should start to listen to his home state a bit more when it comes to Little Marco. Even though Marco Rubio eventually endorsed Donald Trump for president after he was forced to drop out of the Republican primaries—he is showing his true colors by now pulling his support. Little Marco has been a fierce pit bull ...Continue reading

George Soros Loses $1 Billion on Trump Rally

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If you don’t know the name George Soros by now you’ve likely been living under a rock. The hedge fund manager became a billionaire by playing in the financial markets of countries around the world. He beat up and manipulated currencies of nations around the world. He’s done it to Russia, England, and China—after which Russia banned him from their country and issued a warrant for his arrest. He also was a major contributor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He famously donated millions of dollars in the hopes that when she took office she would relax some Wall Street regulations so ...Continue reading

Obama’s Biggest Policy Blunders

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Eight years ago then Congressman Obama ran his presidential campaign on “hope” and “change.” What he failed to disclose to voters was that the change we were going to get was a worse off economy, more expensive healthcare premiums, declining median income rate, worsening racial tensions, and more terrorist attacks. To top it off, President Obama has dug Americans into an even deeper debt with out of control spending during the last eight years. The national debt doubled during Obama’s time in office from $10 billion to over $20 billion. Every person in America would have to pay $66,000 (including ...Continue reading

Obama’s Secret Plan to Blackout Trump

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It is always interesting what a president tries to pull in the final hours of his presidency. President Obama instead of focusing on the transition of power from himself to Donald Trump is focusing on sliding in whatever legislation he can before he is forced to vacate the White House. In the last two weeks alone he has managed to tick off Israel—one of our most important ally’s in the Middle East, set sanctions against Russia without showing proof, approve legislation on education that directly conflicts with President Trump’s views, banned millions of acres of land in the Arctic from ...Continue reading