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China Makes a Big Concession in its Trade War with the U.S.

For a couple of weeks, the word of the day was trade war. Trump levelled a few tariffs to keep his promises on negotiating better trade deals for Americans. As always, mainstream media blew everything out of proportion. If you recall, the stories were of a full-blown trade war. Stocks were tumbling. The next great depression was upon us, and there was no way the U.S. could go toe to toe with the might of the Chinese economy. Obviously, that hyperbolic sensationalism proved as stupid as everything coming from liberal media these days. China backed off of any trade-war rhetoric ...Continue reading

Democrat Congressman Rips Nancy Pelosi for Downplaying Bonuses from Trump’s Tax Cuts

It’s just plain insanity. The Democrats have fully embraced their platform for the midterms: higher taxes for everyone. This is insane for a couple of reasons. For starters, it’s probably the most honest Democratic platform we’ve ever seen. What’s far more disturbing is they think they can win with it. If that wasn’t scary enough, a number of polls suggest the Democrats are off to a great lead in the midterm campaigns. What is wrong with the American people?! The answer is obvious. Too many Americans still believe the blatant lies of mainstream media and Democrats like Nancy Pelosi. As ...Continue reading

Focus Group Has A Lot to Say to Comey after his TV Interview

By now you’ve probably at least seen the major headlines. According to Comey, Trump is “morally unfit” to be the president. That’s rich coming from a guy who tried to use his position as the head of the FBI to sway the last election. Apparently, he made his statements about Hillary and reopened his investigation to ensure her inevitable win would be legitimate. By his own words, a pursuit of justice was never his motivation or goal. He was just playing politics. Trump’s firing of him looks more justified every day. Now, he’s trying to cash in on the controversy ...Continue reading

A DOJ Official Ordered the FBI to Shut Down the Hillary Clinton Foundation Criminal Investigation

The release of the McCabe IG report has been the buzz of the media recently. However, there's one bombshell within the report that is largely going uncovered - the fact that a top DOJ official ordered the FBI to shut down their investigation into criminal activities within the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation has long been Bill and Hillary Clinton's tool for promoting their political agenda in a way that skirts by campaign finance laws, and one doesn't have to look very hard to find instances where this foundation was abused by the Clintons and, in some cases, used in ...Continue reading

10 Wasteful Programs our Government Uses our Tax Dollar On

For every dollar you earn, a portion of it is set aside and allotted to the federal government. Most people don't take the time to really delve into where all this money goes, but if you do, you might not be too happy with what you find. The reality is that there is no shortage of ridiculous ways that the government wastes US tax dollars every single year. Believe it or not, some of the things our tax dollars paid for in 2017 include $2.5 million in social security for chimpanzees, $1.6 million to fund a study to find out ...Continue reading