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The Truth about Sweden

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During a recent speech given to supporters, Donald Trump talked about his pledge to stop illegal aliens from using the United States as a safe haven. He also talked about his travel pause on seven Middle Eastern countries for three months in order for the United States to sort out how best to vet out terrorists from actual refugees. During the speech, he brought up the example of Sweden. Sweden has gone through a mass immigration period over the last several years, allowing in hundreds of thousands of people seeking asylum from Middle Eastern countries. They have also see a ...Continue reading

Even Kids Know the U.S. Tax Code Isn’t Fair

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In the United States, the tax system is most heavily dependent on those who make the most money. Naturally, the more money one makes, the more you’ll pay in taxes. The government then takes the excessive amount from the rich and redistributes it to those who have less money in a redistribution of wealth. What exactly does this mean? Essentially, it boils down to the wealthy and middle class citizens being forced to pay far more than they should in order to make up for the people who don't pay any taxes at all. The services and financial assistance the ...Continue reading

Why Teachers Unions Don’t Want School Choice

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With the appointment of Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education, Democrats have waged war against her, saying she will push school choice (or school of choice, as it is referred to in her home state of Michigan) throughout the country. But is that a bad thing? Isn't having a choice on where a child attends school desirable? Students should not be forced into bad school districts simply because it’s the closest one to their house. Having quality teachers is important in the wellbeing of the next generation. The problem is the teacher's union, which all teachers are forced to ...Continue reading

George Soros’ Reign as the Left’s Financier is About to End

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George Soros has masqueraded as a liberal donor for far too long. He will refer to himself as simply someone who donates money to the Democratic Party. Now, if this were the case then there wouldn't be much of a problem with him. There are big donors for both parties. Even current president Donald Trump donated money to democrats running for office in order to help boost his business. However, the true fact of the matter is George Soros is not who he pretends to be. Under that thin veil he is a staunch anarchist, who tosses his money towards ...Continue reading

The Next American Civil War is Upon Us

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The American Civil War is the one of the bloodiest times in the history of the United States. More American soldiers died on these battlefields than in the fields in Europe during either World War, or in the Pacific or in Vietnam War. We as a nation have seemingly come a long way since the American Civil War of the 1860's. However, the nation in itself is in a state of regression, as we once again find ourselves pitted against each other with the divide between the Left and the Right. Our country has always had at least two major ...Continue reading