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Proof More Taxes Don’t Work

It takes a lot for Bernie Sanders to oppose a tax of any kind. The Vermont Senator's socialist brand of government dictates that he push to dramatically raise taxes across the board, especially on those he deems to be "wealthy". However, there is one tax that even a socialist like Bernie Sanders opposes. The tax that Bernie Sander has spoken out against - likely the only tax he has ever spoken out against - is the controversial "soda tax" such as the tax that was recently written into law by the city of Philadelphia. The soda tax is a heavy tax that ...Continue reading

The Connection between Mass Shootings and Psychiatric Drugs

In this Reality Check video hosted by Ben Swann, a shocking link is uncovered between prescription drugs and mass shootings. Swann delves into the facts about psychotic killers such as the Parkland, Florida, high school mass murderer Nikolas Cruz, who was emotionally and psychologically unbalanced. In a rare look into medical-related records, Swann unveils the truth about the role psychiatric medication repeatedly played this shooting and others. Using little known facts about Cruz, Swann challenges the failed policies and public discourse that going after legal guns will somehow end the slaughter of innocent children in schools across America. The YouTube-posted ...Continue reading

Liberal News Outlet Forced to Admit Pres Trump’s Economic Success

Maybe pigs really can fly! Fake news network CNN has done the unthinkable and actually reported on the economic success of the Trump administration's policies in February. We can only imagine the disgust that went through their minds as they were forced to report the addition of 313,000 new jobs in America last month. Plus, December and January's employment were revised up, with additional 159,000 previously unreported jobs being added over those two months. As a matter of fact, the American economy has come roaring back to pre-9/11 numbers, all thanks to President Trump and his administration putting America first. CNN even reported ...Continue reading

Analyst: Jeff Sessions in a Desperate Fight to Keep his Job

One relatively unique aspect of the Trump White House is its high turnover rate. President Trump has shown no hesitation to fire those who he is not satisfied with, and his recent firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hammered this point home yet again. Now, many are wondering if Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be the next to go. Jeff Sessions first earned Trump's ire when he recused himself from the Russian collusion investigation. Since then, Session's incompetence has been on full display in one instance after another. Most recently, Sessions proved that he lacked the nerve to do ...Continue reading

Google, YouTube, Twitter Caught Removing, Banning News Stories from Conservative Users

What did they say about net neutrality? We need it to keep the evil internet providers from silencing groups! Without the FCC, who will make sure every voice has a chance to be heard? You can call it irony if you want. It’s really hypocrisy. The biggest champions of net neutrality were content-based platforms like Google/YouTube and Facebook. As they rallied gullible Americans to support their aims, what they really wanted was for the government to help them maintain a monopoly on content control. We’ve seen it countless times. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and all of the other major information ...Continue reading