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Elephants Prove Family Means Everything to Them in This Clip

The notion of "family" is a humanized term attached to individuals related through birth, blood or marriage. While humans can verbalize the term, it isn't specifically a homosapien idea. In fact, many animal groups understand the idea of family. It may not be specific to those who follow down a specific birth path, but it does often encompass those within a pack, clan or any other term used to describe a group of animals living together. Primates have often shown dedication to other "family members," often grieving for the death of another monkey in its troop. Even animals with less ...Continue reading

Democrat Strategist introduces #HuntRepublicans after Shooting of Republican Congressman Scalise

The shooting of anyone is a serious situation. When someone is targeted simply because of their race, political alignment, gender, religious beliefs or anything else, it is a situation that needs to be taken very seriously. Everyone deserves the right to their own opinion. It is what makes the United States so great. The founding fathers built the United States on a place of freedom, allowing those to express themselves in demonstration and in speech. While Democrats and Republicans often do not agree on issues, it is the right of both sides to have their ideas, as long as it ...Continue reading

Will the US Retaliate against North Korea over Otto Warmbier’s Murder?

The name Otto Warmbier may not ring a bell. However, his situation likely will. Otto Warmbier is the American student who traveled to North Korea over a year ago. While visiting, North Korea has very strict regulations regarding what foreigners can and cannot do. This includes what someone can take a picture of, what questions they can ask and where they can stay. Most visitors come to North Korea more out of curiosity than anything else. Otto Warmbier visited North Korea, despite the strict regulations and countless warnings, he stole a sign/flag to take home with him as a momento ...Continue reading

Democrats Don’t Understand Why They Keep Losing

Since the election of Donald Trump to office, Democrats have been searching for ways to discredit both him and the Republican Party. However, as the most recent election in Georgia indicated, their attempts at discrediting the party and the president have fallen on deaf ears. For a time, people were listening to the potential connection between Donald Trump and Russia. However, as there has not been a single shred of evidence to yet emerge and yet Democrats continue to throw their time and effort at the fabricated effort that isn't going anywhere. Still Democrats can't understand why they keep on ...Continue reading

Speaker Ryan Promises Bold Agenda that will Restore Confidence

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States was an effort by the American people to shake up the Washington establishment and to change the way the country works for the better. The president has tried to do that since Day 1 of his presidency. Some of his plans have gone through, others, including his plan to go after illegal immigrants and prevent undocumented individuals from entering the country has encountered constant roadblocks from Democrats. Despite all of this, Donald Trump continues to push ahead with a new agenda for the country. However, a president is not ...Continue reading