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Middle School in Illinois Gives Students Hitler Themed Homework

Some people and events are simply too horrific to make light of, especially when dealing with impressionable children. For parents of students at a middle school in Gurnee, Illinois, a homework assignment in which their kids were required to draw a comic strip of Europe's appeasement of Hitler crossed that line. Even the graphics on the front page of the assignment featured a cartoon version of Hitler complete with a swastika. While there is no reason to believe that the teacher was trying to promote anti-Semitism or a pro-Hitler viewpoint in her assignment, the way she went about it is ...Continue reading

The End of Christendom in Europe

It's both sad and frightening to see the effects that mass immigration has had on Europe. Countries that were once a peaceful haven supportive of Christendom have become torn with violence and intolerance thanks largely in part to the droves of immigrants from dangerous parts of the Middle East and Africa that European countries have welcomed with open arms. Years of far-left policies have certainly taken their toll on the majority of European countries. Now, many Christian and Jewish individuals living in Europe have claimed that they no longer feel safe due to who their neighbors are. It's not as ...Continue reading

Real Cherokee Indians Slam Elizabeth Warren over Faking her Native American Claims

Elizabeth Warren - a woman who looks as white as the Vikings from Scandinavia - has insisted throughout her entire career that she is Cherokee. Warren used that claim to boost her career by claiming minority status to get a job at the elite college of Harvard under their diversity hire program. These actions, however, are something that Trump took issue with, and he has missed no opportunity to ironically refer to Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas". It turns out, though, that Donald Trump isn't the only one to take offense at Warren claiming to be Cherokee. The other group who ...Continue reading

Memorial for Kate Steinle Destroyed at UC Berkeley

If ANTIFA is on a crusade to prove that they have absolutely zero sense of compassion, justice, or logic, they're doing a pretty excellent job. In their latest disgusting act of vitriol, the group of brainwashed thugs hired a paid activist to interrupt the vigil of Kate Steinle and destroy her memorial. Kate Steinle's only crime? She was murdered by an illegal immigrant named Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, and that story doesn't fit with ANTIFA's narrow worldview. It's not enough, apparently, that the illegal immigrant who killed her got off with barely a slap on the wrist. It's not enough ...Continue reading

High School Students Forced to Sue District over Anthem Protests

Liberals have truly turned into anti-free speech Nazis these days. Picture two different groups of students at a high school in Minnesota. Students have gathered for a Veterans Day assembly to honor those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms. One group of students, encouraged by the failing NFL "take a knee" protests, chose to sit down on the gym floor for the playing of the national anthem and Taps. The other group of students, a young conservative club, criticized the kneelers on social media. Any guesses as to which group of students the school district chose to ...Continue reading