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Is FBI Director James Comey a ‘Dirty Cop’?


Is James Comey, the Director of the FBI, a "dirty cop"? According to many agents in the FBI and outside analysts and prosecutors, he is. The fact of the matter is that Comey did things in the investigation of Hillary Clinton's email server that no other Director of the FBI would have allowed. And what he didn't allow was even worse — he didn't allow agents to question witnesses using standard procedures, he didn't allow agents to join the case without signing nondisclosure agreements, and he specifically prevented anyone from recording his questioning of Hillary Clinton herself. The fact that ...Continue reading

CNN Anchor Can’t Hide This Disheartening Fact about Hillary Clinton


Is Hillary Clinton telling the truth when she says in public speeches that she wants to hold banks accountable for their actions and make sure they serve the public interest? According to new Wikileaks revelations, this is not what Clinton really believes. In fact, as this CNN clip shows, in a paid speech to investment bank powerhouse Goldman Sachs, Clinton specifically said that "Politics is like a sausage being made. It is unsavory, and it has always been that way." Furthermore, Clinton said that as a politician dealing with voters and financial firms, "you need both a public and a ...Continue reading

Mexico Stakes It’s Claim on U.S. Border City


San Diego is one of the largest border cities in the United States. The busiest border in terms of goods moved is Detroit and Windsor, Canada. However, if you look at border traffic simply based on the number of people crossing, the San Diego into Tijuana is far larger than any other location, both the North border and the South border (including El Paso into Juarez). Due to this, there is a very large Hispanic community within San Diego as many immigrants do remain close to the border. San Diego (and most of Southern California) is also a hot spot ...Continue reading

Hillary Reveals National Security Secret at Debate


Military experts—U.S. and abroad—were shocked when at Wednesday night’s presidential debate Hillary Clinton revealed a national security secret to the entire world! Hillary Clinton aggressively tried to make Americans believe that Donald Trump is unfit to be president and shouldn’t have access to nuclear launch codes because of his lack of self-control. What is deplorable though is that during her rant against Donald Trump she told the entire world the U.S.’s response time in launching nuclear weapons. “Here’s the deal,” Clinton said to debate moderator Chris Wallace (and the entire world), “The bottom line on nuclear weapons is that when ...Continue reading

The Pick Me Up Video We Needed This Election Cycle


Leave it to the Canadians to remind us things in America aren't so bad! Even with the controversies and tensions of this election season and all its excitement and intrigue, Americans should remember that their country holds a unique place in the world and has inspired other nations in countless ways. The United States is the birthplace of artistic, scientific, academic and industrial innovations that have changed the course of world history and made the world a brighter place. No other nation is a melting pot of its citizens the way America is, and no other nation can claim such ...Continue reading