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New Report: Mueller Investigating Everything BUT Collusion

One would think that having a Republican President and a majority in Congress would make this a great time to be a Republican. Holding the seats of power would theoretically enable the party to protect their own from blatant injustice and insidious crimes. But, that’s what happens when only one side plays by the rules. Conservative America is struggling despite their electoral success because they won’t sink to the depths regularly pursued by the left. Now, Donald Trump has attacked the Washington swamp with a fleet of bulldozers. He’s making faster progress than most of us hoped he could, and ...Continue reading

4 News Stories the Mainstream Media Hid from You Last Week

Did you hear the one about the Muslim, the doctor and the banker? It sounds like the lead-in to a silly barroom joke. It’s actually a summary of some of the biggest headlines you probably missed in the last week. It’s no secret that mainstream media is overtly biased and trying to manipulate the masses towards their own political agenda. They like to chalk it up as the price of free speech. But, seeing the sheer magnitude of stories they are blatantly ignoring is enough to set any rational American’s ire ablaze. They aren’t content to try and spin massive ...Continue reading

Southern Poverty Law Center: The “Anti-Hate” Group That Is a Hate Group

What is a hate group? Is it an organization of individuals who conduct violence, property damage and intimidation to promote extreme political ideologies? Is it simply an assembly of people who hate things? Can a group of six-year-olds form a hate group against broccoli? You might find this amusing, but answering these questions carries significant political, legal and financial implications. The previous administration abused their power to make it easier to label conservative organizations as hate groups, and once they receive that label, they can become ineligible to operate as a business. This might seem like a reasonable idea, but ...Continue reading

DNC Chair Admits Party is in Worse Shape than He Thought

It’s difficult to overstate the magnitude of surprise that hit the nation when Donald Trump was elected president. Sure, the faithful few were rewarded, but many Americans, including conservatives who voted for him, expected a different outcome. Much like underdog victories can lead to restructuring in a sports franchise, the DNC took the loss hard, and they chose a new chair with the intention of cleaning house. Meanwhile, Trump and his Congressional majority have completed a first year that was full of victories. Even though Congress stalled a number of opportunities for progress, we’re still looking at the strongest economy, ...Continue reading

Will Republicans Lose Big in the 2018 Midterm Elections?

Neil Cavuto and his guest commentators took a look at Republicans chances in the upcoming Senate and House of Representatives and came to the same conclusion. Generally, whoever lost the presidency makes major gains in the midterm. Reid Wilson of The Hill writes: Since World War II, an incumbent president’s party has lost an average of 334 state legislative seats in midterm elections, according to data compiled by the National Conference of State Legislatures. A president’s party loses even more seats — an average of 357 — in the first midterm after his election. A president’s party has picked up ...Continue reading