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Shocking Poll Results Shows Millennials Support for Trump is No Fluke

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During the presidential election, Donald Trump did not receive heavy backing from Millennials. While he did receive some votes from this demographic, Millennials overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton. There are numerous reasons as to why this is often the case, most of which simply come from inexperience with the political system, paying taxes and how certain stances affect the rest of the world. That is why many are more likely to convert over to becoming a Republican (or at least vote for more Republican based politicians and ideas) as they get older and experience more life events. This is exactly ...Continue reading

Kilt-Wearing Heroic Crime Fighter Saves Single Mother, Daughter

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Is he an extra from 'Braveheart' or just an ex-linebacker from the Scottish highlands? That's the question Las Vegas residents might be asking after 52-year-old former Pittsburgh Steelers player Mike Withycombe took self-defense matters into his own hands on the morning of April 17. Although Withycombe was asleep at the time of these disturbing events, he was awakened by his landlord screaming at the top of her lungs. Bolting into action, Withycombe donned the closest garment at hand, which turned out to be one of his three Scottish kilts. With a few quick moves, the incident soon was defused, as ...Continue reading

Rare Copy of Declaration of Independence Found in English Office

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You never know what you'll find if you look hard enough! That's what two researchers from Harvard University realized when they discovered a document from our nation's past that no one ever expected them to find, least of all tucked away in a file drawer at the West Sussex Records Office in Chichester, England. Emily Sneff and Danielle Allen were shocked to come upon a second, genuine copy of the original American Declaration of Independence, written on parchment — not paper — just like our government's copy that's on public display at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. This is ...Continue reading

Do we Still Need the Border Wall?

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Does the Mexican border wall need to get built at all? That's the big question that people are still asking. While there's been a lot of discussion about the wall, particularly as it relates to federal appropriations needed to keep the government running. The question is a stubborn and slightly hard-headed one. That is, if border crossings by illegal immigrants are down since President Trump took office, does the U.S. need to build the wall at all? Very simply, border crossings in the first three months of 2017 ARE down from both the same period last year and from the ...Continue reading

‘This is Your Brain on Drugs’ Commercial Revamp Bashes White People

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It looks like George Soros is acting up again! Viewers don't even have to research who's behind this pro-legalization, pro-drug public service announcement narrated by and starring Rachel Leigh Cook to know that a social justice/progressive agenda is being pushed here. Of course, it might help in digesting this PSA if your brain was as fried as hers, since Cook seems to be totally ignorant of actual U.S. crime statistics. While the PSA would love to claim that our justice system is prejudiced against people of color for drug-dealing, it ignores the real-world data that the majority of street-level drug ...Continue reading