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Something’s Fishy with Rep. Wilson’s Accusations against Trump over Call to Slain Soldier’s Wife

What's the old saying about good deeds not going without punishment? President Trump must be re-learning that one now that Democratic Congresswoman Frederica Wilson of Florida has accused him of disrespecting the widow of Green Beret Sergeant La David Johnson. Johnson was one of four special forces soldiers killed in an ambush in the African country of Niger earlier this month. Trump, who had called Johnson's widow Myeshia to pay his respect to the fallen soldier, was accused by Congresswoman Wilson (who was in a car with Myeshia at the time of the call) of being insensitive to the serviceman's ...Continue reading

George Soros Transfers $18 Billion to his Open Society Foundation

What's the difference between a humanitarian nonprofit group and a politically activist one? That's a giant question that liberal billionaire George Soros may need to answer as he just made one of the largest transfers of funds ever — $18 billion — from his personal and business investment accounts into the endowment of his umbrella nonprofit Open Society Foundations (OSF). OSF provides funds and resources to hundreds of left-wing charities and causes from Black Lives Matter (BLM) to People for the American Way (PFAW). In theory, Soros will be able to pay less in taxes on these funds if they're ...Continue reading

Conservatives in Congress Introduce Legislation to End NFL Subsidies Following Protests

Is it time to end federal subsidies for the NFL? Many viewers may not realize that our government actually subsidizes the NFL to a degree through tax-free federal matching dollars for municipal bonds that are offered when NFL teams build or refurbish their stadiums. The original idea behind this action was that the construction or refurbishment of these stadiums stimulates local economies. Up to half a billion dollars of taxpayer money has been spent over the last 10 years helping the NFL to build or renovate its venues for its teams. But when these same teams show disrespect for our ...Continue reading

YouTube Admits to Censoring Independent News Channels

When you do a search on YouTube for videos about a particular topic, what comes up? It used to be that what was returned in search results were videos that had the "most-watched time" — the time that users actually spent watching the clips, versus clicking on them. The reason for this is that even if a creator made a "clickbait" title for his or her clips in order to get people to watch them for even a second, those views wouldn't count in terms of a specific video's popularity. But now, as YouTube commentator Mark Dice explains, YouTube appears ...Continue reading

Trump Wants a Rematch with Hillary Clinton

Who would win a 2020 rematch of last year's presidential race? Is that too easy a question to answer? For conservatives, hopefully, the choice would be President Trump. But for Trump himself, who appears in this clip speaking at a White House press conference, he believes the topic of recent NFL protests and Hillary Clinton's response to them have a direct bearing on the matter. You see, in the wake of the ongoing NFL controversy — sparked by last year's kneeling protests by then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick — Hillary has incredulously stated, "what black athletes' kneeling was about… ...Continue reading