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Can The New York Times Survive Post Election?


The New York Times is one of the most storied newspapers in the United States. However, storied institutions are not immune to the change in consumer trends. As print newspapers is nearly all but dead, The New York Times has shifted to a mostly digital platform. One of the major problems with the digital platform is it still requires a rather expensive subscription. Now, while The New York Times has seen some drop off in readership due to the digital subscription costs, it really started to see a downward spiral following the most recent election. Up until 2016, The New ...Continue reading

Trump to Bring Billions of Overseas Dollars Back to the U.S.


It's been an ongoing issue for many years now, even decades — high technology and other blue-chip companies have been hoarding profits outside the United States and keeping the money there in order to avoid paying high U.S. corporate taxes. For some companies such as Apple, the amounts are in the hundreds of billions of dollars, denying Uncle Sam tax revenues that are larger than the GDP of some third-world nations. The laws surrounding these issues are extensive and complex. Often, gray areas and loopholes have been created that multinational conglomerates have exploited to the maximum, using armies of tax ...Continue reading

Liberal Media Forced to Admit Trump Did Good


Even liberal news networks such as MSNBC sometimes have to give President-Elect Trump the benefit of the doubt as anchor Chris Hayes did in this clip, which discusses the deal Trump is attempting to make with air conditioner maker Carrier in Indiana. Carrier may end up keeping more than 1,000 jobs in its state after it had announced earlier this year it would be sending those positions south of the border to Mexico. One of Donald Trump's key campaign promises was to enact severe tariffs that would punish firms such as Carrier, Ford Motor Company and others for moving U.S. ...Continue reading

CNN Anchor Makes Insane Suggestion to Non-Muslim Women in America


Was it just an off-the-cuff joke? Or did CNN anchors actually suggest that non-Muslim women in America should attempt to don hijabs "just for the heck of it"? On social media and websites, a strong push financed by global elitists such as shadowy billionaire George Soros have tried to persuade Americans that anything to do with multiculturalism and open borders is a good thing. That includes promoting culture and habits of Muslims, even though restrictive attire of that religion is often seen in Western eyes as symbols of oppression of women. In Saudi Arabia, for instance, Muslim women are not ...Continue reading

Liberal College Students Owned by Veterans in New Video


Liberal college students more and more seem to not have a clue with what is going on in the country or what has taken place in its history. While college students make up our nation's future, it is important for these students to understand they don't simply get their way when they complain. It is hard to pinpoint when this happened exactly, but now if liberals do not get their way, they throw a fit about it until something changes. Now certainly there are reasons to protest obviously wrong actions and events within the United States. Nobody is saying that ...Continue reading