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Cheesecake Factory Harasses Customer Wearing MAGA Hat

A pleasant Mother’s Day meal at the national food chain turned sour when a Miami family was targeted for political reasons. In this Fox Business News exclusive posted on YouTube, Trump supporter Eugenior Joseph and his attorney from Liberty Counsel, Matthew Stave, go on the record detailing the nasty treatment he and his entire family were subjected to by Cheesecake Factory employees. Wearing a MAGA hat during a family gathering to honor his mom, the 22-year-old African-America male was reportedly bullied, harassed, and called the N-word. According to Joseph, multiple Cheesecake Factory employees targeted his entire family. Members of the ...Continue reading

Survey Shows Many Voters are Tired of the Constant Trump Bashing

Comedians have a long and humorous history of making sitting presidents the butt of their jokes. Saturday Night Live (SNL) has a non-stop format that has poked and prodded the Commander in Chief since its inception in 1975. But the hostility infused in what entertainers are trying to promote as “comedy” has struck a sore note with politically weary viewers. In this Fox and Friends news segment posted on YouTube, a survey of likely voters indicates that upwards of 43 percent are turned off by the excessive Trump-bashing that pervades popular culture. The neutral Rasmussen report polled 1,000 likely voters ...Continue reading

The Real Lesson from the Russia Collusion Investigation: The Ruling Class is Out of Control

Let’s list all of the hard evidence of foreign collusion in the 2016 election. Bernie Sanders accepted money and volunteers from the Australian government. Hillary Clinton hired a British spy to dig up some dirt. Facebook and other tech companies sold thousands of dollars of ad space to Russian propaganda bots. Hillary Clinton sold meeting times to multiple foreign governments and helped Russia gain control of a significant portion of American uranium reserves. That’s the whole list. Everything else is extremely suspect at best, and you might have noticed what is missing. Nowhere, despite the manic search, has anyone found ...Continue reading

43% of U.S. Families Can’t Afford Food/Rent/Basic Necessities. Economic Collapse Coming?

A new report from Market Watch has found that nearly 51 million American households are living paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford a monthly budget to cover rent, food, transportation, child care, healthcare and a phone bill. That amounts to 43 percent of all households in the country. There are two key figures we don't know about from this projection. First, how many of those households are headed by immigrants or illegal aliens, who are too unskilled to earn a living wage in a modernized country? Second, how much are the figures skewed by high-cost housing markets such as Los ...Continue reading

Obama’s Agree to Multi-Year Deal with Netflix to Produce Films and Shows

Those that hoped Barack and Michelle Obama would step gracefully out of the spotlight following the end of Obama's second term are going to be left disappointed. Recently, the Obamas signed a multi-million dollar deal with the streaming service Netflix to produce a variety of shows, documentaries, and films. While the exact content of these films and shows remains unknown, it doesn't take a clairvoyant to guess what Barrack and Michelle will likely do with their new-found platform. Over his eight years as President, Obama made every effort to push liberal doctrine while at the same time undermining conservative ideals. ...Continue reading