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77% of College Educated Democrats Believe Sex is No Determined at Birth

Western academia is broken. If you’ve been following us, then you probably agree that the American, and indeed the Western system of higher education has been broken for quite some time. Rogue feminist Camille Paglia has spoken at great length about the false and deceptive path that colleges have gone down since the 1960s. She explains that, breaking from the largely honest and truly rebellious spirit of freedom which won the day in the 60s more or less drugged itself out of existence. Her peers slowly ruined their minds by abusing LSD, and all of the meaningful intellectuals washed out. ...Continue reading

Obamacare Crushing Middle Class American Families

As the GOP continues debating the details of how to repeal and replace the disastrous Affordable Care Act, AKA “Obamacare,” Americans continue to lose ground in the struggle to survive under the health care law that has made health care more expensive than ever for millions of hard-working people. The ACA basically amounts to a tax that is leveraged against middle-class American wage earners who earn too much to qualify for Welfare. First, it started with a mandate- a grossly u-American idea that we would have no choice but to buy into the program or face harsh penalties. Then Obama ...Continue reading

Caught! Liberal Newspaper Accused of Writing News Articles for Pay from Foreign Powers

One America News Network (OAN) recently reported that the Washington Post provides funding for supplements that are pro-China and pro-Kremlin to its online site. This means that governments like Russia are ensured they present their official viewpoint to the American public paid for by an American news source. Interestingly, the Washington Post Online office in Russia is located in the same building as both RT and Pravada, the former official mouthpiece of the former Soviet Union. Watch the video as the OAN reporter reminds viewers that during the Cold War, the Washington Post was often called Pravda on the Potomac. ...Continue reading

University Offers ‘Black Lives Matter’ Course

Steven Rowe, of, speaks with Fox & Friends First about a new course offered by James Madison University called Black Lives Matter: Human Rights in a New Era of Jim Crow. When the African-American contributor was asked if he thinks that this is an appropriate topic for a college campus, his emphatic answer was, No Way! Rowe contends that Black Lives Matter is social justice by any means necessary and is counterproductive to an academic setting. The course description labels it as a: Radical examination of the Black Lives Matter movement to state-sanctioned violence against black and brown communities. ...Continue reading

ISIS Threatens Vatican in Christmas Attack

Thanks to President Trump actually taking the fight to ISIS in Iraq and Syria instead of helping them as Obama did, the terror group has to fall back on cowardly terrorist attacks against civilian targets. ISIS is threatening a direct terrorist attack against one of the most recognizable churches in Europe over the Christmas holiday season. The threat popped up on one of the jihadis' websites recently. It features a photoshopped image of a car that is headed right toward the church. The words "Christmas Blood So Wait" appear on top of the image. The driver appears to have an ...Continue reading