Accused NSA Leaker Reality Winner: Watching Fox News Made Me Steal Classified Docs

When in doubt, blame Fox News!

Anyone remember Reality Winner? This arrogant 25-year-old National Security Agency (NSA) subcontractor and Air Force veteran was arrested in June for sending files relating to alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election to liberal website The Intercept.

Now, Winner has been talking to the FBI and claiming an outlandish alibi for spiriting the damning documents out of her workplace (supposedly in her nylons, no less). She originally gained her government security clearances by speaking the languages Dari, Pashto and Farsi, in addition to having a fascination for Middle Eastern culture.

But as Greg Gutfeld and the gang at Fox’s The Five tell it, Winner is just another spoiled, entitled millennial, who’s so taken with the Leftist globalist media that she was found carrying an autographed picture of CNN anchor and former CIA intern Anderson Cooper and has been quoted as saying she wants to “burn the White House down and go live in Kurdistan!”

Perhaps inspired by the treatment and release by President Obama of former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, Winner was recorded telling her sister how she planned in her upcoming trial to “play the court” and that she could win sympathy by being “pretty, white and cute.”

This is despite the fact that notes were found at her home in which she empathized with Osama bin Laden and other terrorists. “We don’t know how much more she knows and can remember,” noted a government prosecutor. “She’s extremely intelligent.” Winner faces up to $250,000 in fines and 10 years in prison if she’s convicted of the charges against her.

Watch, as the Fox Five hosts take turns being both bewildered and bemused by Winner’s wily ways.