Are Democrats Losing Credibility with the American People?

Before the election, Donald Trump stated he believed it to be possible for an election to be hacked form an external source. Democrats everywhere laughed at the idea. Even Hillary Clinton chastised Trump for the very notion that such a thing could ever happen. Yet, following the conclusion of the election, Hillary Clinton and the entire Democratic side decided to make an about face and say that, yes, in fact, the election could be hacked and that Russia obviously hacked the United States election, somehow. Naturally they didn’t have any kind of proof, but if they kept on throwing up clouds of smoke something would eventually stick.

The problem with this notion is that while Democrats have pushed the notion that Donald Trump and Russia somehow communicated with one another and hacked the election together, there has been no evidence of this at all. In fact, even the former director of the FBI, a man just recently fired by Donald Trump, said there currently is no connection between the two. If there is anyone who would want to go after Donald Trump on Russia, it would be the man who lost one of the most powerful jobs in the United States, yet he didn’t. Despite all of this, liberals continue to push an agenda that doesn’t have any kind of backing.

This seven month long investigation that hasn’t produced a single shred of evidence has caused the American people to lose faith in the media and Democrats ability to tell the truth. Check out how the Democrats are losing credibility at an alarming rate below.