As the Rich Get Richer, the Poor are Getting Richer Too

The age old political ranting that the rich are getting even richer on the backs of poor, hard-working everyday people has been a big vote-getter in America. Fortunately, so are facts.

In this Prager U video, posted on YouTube, viewers may want to remain seated during this eye-popping analysis about wealth creation and disbursement. It appears the catch phrases, propaganda and misinformation about work, money and big corporation is vastly different from what is really happening.

When you look at the facts you find out the truth, as this video explains why the rich are getting richer, and why that may be a very good thing for the poorest among us.

Consider, if you will, the historical context in which French King Louis XIV was looked on as one of the absolutely most wealthy people on the planet. The touchstone in the late 1600s and early 1700s was that he could choose from as many as 40 dinner meals on any given night. Peasants in France were fortunately to have more than one.

Fast forward to the 21st century and the dinner choices of the most economically challenged outpace King Louis by light years of food options. That’s just one way that economic growth, major corporations and CEOs have enhanced the lives of low-income people while earning wealth for themselves.

Take a few minutes to watch this Prager U video and discover what the real wealth generator is today and why the poor may be getting a leg up on the rich in this economy.