Author of New Book on President Trump Says He Can’t be Sure Everything in his Book is True

If there’s one thing we should have learned from the previous 16 months, it’s that left-wing reporters and authors are dishonest. That’s why the term “fake news,” which they created- has been turned around on them. “No weapon forged against you shall prosper.”

Even the New York Times, immediately following the 2016 election said, that they had a problem and were going to have to commit to doing a better job. Well, they never did, and now they have had to sell off many of the floors in their building to make up for the staggering losses in readership.

If you search “CNN fake news” on any browser you’ll get pages and pages of material covering the many times they have been caught staging fake news, telling lies, and cutting off guests who got the best of them on air.

These lies have been going on for a long, long time. You can find video of CNN staging coverage in a studio of a reporter pretending to report on the first Iraq war. They’ve had to get a lot slicker in recent times, but they still get caught with their pants down frequently.

Now, ranking liberal shill, Michael Wolff, has tossed another load on the big people’s table with “Fire & Fury,” an un-originally titled tissue of lies which is so dishonest that even he cannot deny that not everything in it is true.

The writer came out today and confessed that he could not verify the accuracy of his claims. The Western Journal has the details.