Bill and Hillary Clinton Have Some News for Trump

The past presidential election turned into a pretty nasty one. If it seemed far nastier than previous elections it is because it really was. Donald Trump was called everything from a racist to a fear monger. Most main stream media outlets turned on him (mostly because it improved their bottom line). While the Trump bashing hasn’t stopped (and likely won’t any time soon), most bickering between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has subsided.

That hasn’t stopped Hillary Clinton constant complaints. She’s given speech and after in which she blames every single person possible for her loss other than herself (James Comey, fake news stories, Russia). Naturally it is everyone else’s fault she ran a terrible campaign.

Beyond all of that, inauguration day is fast approaching. In fact, we have around two weeks left of the Obama administration. So, while hopefully you have some champagne left over from New Year’s, the Clintons recently announced what they would be doing for the event.

Now, it usually is custom for previous presidents to attend an inauguration. Especially on the first one when a new president is taking over. Obama has to be there, as it is a symbolic handing over of power. George W. Bush will be there as well as will former president Jimmy Carter. George H.W. Bush is not able to travel due to his ailing health (he’s 92 years old).

Everyone that can be at Donald Trump’s inaugurating will be there. Will Bill and Hillary be the lone hold outs or will they pull up their big girl pants and attend? Watch the video to see if the former first couple will attend Trump’s inauguration or not.