Bill Clinton Falls Asleep During His Wife’s Acceptance Speech

Poor Bill Clinton must have been so exhausted from backroom dealmaking and accepting new Clinton Foundation donations that he couldn’t make it through his wife’s snore-fest of a speech on the last day of the Democratic National Convention.

Clinton was spotted drifting off to la-la land as his wife droned on and on and on, about…. material that probably sounded more like a bedtime fairytale than reality as the former president no doubt dreamed about rigged elections past, present and future.

It might not have been so bad for his party had he not been caught on camera in the act, as vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine looked around anxiously (perhaps wondering if he should nudge the ex-president back to consciousness?). Maybe next time the DNC shouldn’t schedule the later convention speeches after Bill’s bedtime. Or perhaps they could get a more exciting speaker to run for president?