Bitter Nancy Pelosi Rips Wildly Successful February Jobs Report

The February jobs report that recently came out was excellent news for the American economy, showing that an incredible 313K jobs were added in February. However, there’s one politician who isn’t too excited about this massive growth: Nancy Pelosi.

Following the release of the February jobs report, Pelosi released a statement saying, “February’s jobs report shows that, while jobs continue to be created, working Americans are still not getting the bigger paychecks they deserve. Strong job growth means little to the American workers forced to work multiple jobs because of stagnant wages.”

This is coming from the same woman that called the thousands of dollars middle class families will save because of tax reform, “crumbs”. Of course, Pelosi throwing water on the fire of the February jobs report has little to do with her actually thinking it’s bad news and everything to do with her not wanting to give President Trump any credit for making good on his campaign promise to create jobs at a historic rate.

In the process of opposing Trump at every opportunity, though, Pelosi is showing yet again just how out of touch she is with the everyday Americans that she was elected to represent.

Watch a bitter Nancy Pelosi go off on President Trump and American families in the video below.