Black Lives Matter Planning a Boycott on White Owned Businesses

George Soros’ second-favorite domestic terrorist organization — Black Lives Matter — has some suggestions for your Christmas shopping list this year. BLM is suggesting that everyone have a “Black Christmas” this year by boycotting all “white” businesses for the holiday season.

No one ever accused a neo-communist group of making great economic sense, however. Let’s see if we can predict how a “Black Christmas” would really go if it were enacted.

We’re already used to seeing 90 percent of the black community vote in lockstep for the Democrat Party in spite of 50 years of poverty-inducing welfare policies that have destroyed the black family in America. In spite of that voting bloc, Americans who put their nation ahead of race were still able to overwhelmingly send Donald Trump to the White House in 2016 (minus all of the illegitimate, unlawful votes from illegal aliens). We’re just guessing that a boycott of white businesses would go about the same, which is to say, no one would notice.

Plus, are Americans really ready to start taking their Christmas shopping advice from an organization that got a bunch of police officers killed in Dallas, TX last year?

Lawrence Jones of Blaze TV isn’t buying it, however. Check out the clip from Fox News below for Jones’ take on the whole “Black Christmas” stunt from BLM.