Black Lives Matter Violently Ejects Trump Supporter from Public Park

People who say Black Lives Matter is a peaceful movement clearly aren’t aware of their violent tactics towards anyone who isn’t black or brown.  When they tried to shut down city hall in New York City, a Trump supported calmly suggested that what they were doing wasn’t productive. He was met with profanity, threats and then violence.

The mob set on him and forcefully removed him from a public park, all the while pushing and shouting obscenities. Chants called him a racist and a fascist even though he did nothing overt, offensive or even argumentative. His 1st Amendment right to assembly was denied, and several of the Black Lives Matters members could be heard threatening him with taunts of “I know where you live.”

While liberals call their violent protests passionate and zealous, those of us who live in reality will support our blue blooded police forces.