California Mom Says Bakery Refused to Make MAGA Hat Birthday Cake for 9 Year Old

In today’s business world, a business’ ability to refuse service to a customer is no longer up to the company itself, but instead up to the court of public opinion. If a business decided to turn someone away based on very specific reasoning, than it should be their right to do so. While turning away business may not be the most logical idea in regards to business sense, there are some who decide to turn away paying customers for other reasons all together.

Over the last several years, liberals have made big deals about Christian cake makers and bakers turning away gay couples on account of it interfering with their religious beliefs. Democrats make a giant deal about this, dragging the business owner’s name through the mud and often times forcing them to close shop because of it. Basically liberals put small business owners out on the street for doing something they had every legal right to do. Yet, in California, a 9-year-old’s mother could not get any local bakery to make a birthday cake for her son with Donald Trump’s signature MAGA red hat on it. Have you heard any liberals scream about this issue? No. So what did the mom end up doing? You may be surprised after watching the video.