Carter Page on the Revelations about Himself from the Nunes Memo

The details of abuse and misconduct by the FBI and DOJ that the FISA memo revealed amount to what is the undoubtedly one of the most shocking revelations in modern politics. However, they were likely all the more shocking to former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page, who found out from the memo that the FBI had been spying on him in order to gain information about the Trump campaign.

The FBI’s interest in Carter Page apparently stems from work he has done in Russia. However, giving a speech at a university in Russia falls well short of colluding with Russian officials and certainly doesn’t warrant the FBI spending months spying on Page. Like all the connections between members of Trump’s campaign and Russia, Page’s connections with Russia have been drastically overblown and used to justify all manner of unlawful surveillance.

Now, after hearing countless lies about his interactions with Russia and seeing those same lies used as legal justification for surveillance on him, Carter Page is finally ready to speak out and set the record straight. To see his exclusive appearance on Fox News, be sure to check out the video below.