Check out what then Senator Barack Obama said about Illegal Immigration

Democrats have been extremely anti-immigration reform since President Donald Trump took office. Donald Trump made campaign promises to correct the current immigration situation. His plans were not to simply prevent all immigrants from coming into the country. Instead, his plan has been from day one to ensure everyone coming into the country must do so legally and receive appropriate vetting to ensure they are who they say they are. For whatever reason, liberals have an issue with this. They believe someone who wants to enter the country should be allowed to enter the country, even if that person wants to blow up buildings, attack music events or go on shooting sprees.

The most important job of a President is to protect citizens of the country. That is job number one. Donald Trump is attempting to do this. He wants to build a border wall to reduce the number of illegal immigrants coming up from the south, and he wants to cut down on simply allowing people in from the Middle East without properly vetting them. Essentially, he just wants people to follow the established immigration laws.

The fact of the matter though is Democrats have not always been against immigration reform. In fact, it seems as if they are only against it because a Republican president is in charge. Former President Clinton spoke of the importance of immigration reform. And what did then Senator Barack Obama have to say? Check out the video to find out for yourself.