CNN Caught Cutting Feed when Truth is Revealed Once Again

Criticizing Donald Trump has become big business for the national media. With the ability to leave out important details or simply avoid showing favorable stories regarding the president, news organizations around the United States have seen a drastic increase in business. The industry has been flailing over the last several decades, and Donald Trump is the best thing to happen to media outlets.

However, the national media is doing an extreme disservice to the American people. By leaving out key pieces of information or not highlighting favorable stories the media has effectively influenced the national perception of the President of the United States.

It is not the job of the media to influence thought process. It is the job of the media to provide all the facts, without leaving anything out, in order to allow the American people the ability to make their own education decisions. Without all the facts, forming a realistic, educated ideal of someone or of an event becomes impossible.

CNN has become a major staple network that continually tries to alter the image of the president. After email leaks revealing CNN provided questions to the Hillary camp before facing Bernie Sanders in a debate (and likely other debates as well), CNN has outed itself time and time again as a partisan news network out to sabotage Donald Trump simply for rating numbers.

Recently, CNN cut the feed of someone explaining why Obamacare has been such a failure and it’s not the first time they’ve done this either. Check out the clip to see CNN cut the feed as soon as people start bashing Obama and praising Trump. It’s predictable, but hilarious.