CNN Travels to Thailand to Work with Russian Prostitute who will Spill the Beans on Trump’s Collusion

With the Mueller investigation producing precious little evidence that Donald Trump had anything to do with Russia, much less that he colluded with Russian officials to help win the 2016 election, the left-wing media has taken the investigation into their own hands. So far, it’s going about as well as you would imagine.

However, CNN might be on the verge of a big break. Apparently, they’ve found a star witness – a Belarus Instagram model turned prostitute who was recently arrested in Thailand. This 26 year old sex worker claims to have inside information on Trump’s dealings with Russia, and she is willing to release this info if someone would just bail her out of jail and offer her asylum in the United States.

What’s absolutely head-spinning is the fact that CNN has apparently taken this woman seriously. They covered her story as if she actually did have the information she claimed to possess rather being a prostitute desperate to get out of a Thai jail and they even sent a correspondent all the way to Thailand to speak with her.

This woman’s authority to speak on Trump’s dealings with Russia begins and ends with the fact that Belarus borders Russia, and her credibility has even less support than that. Nevertheless, the mainstream media has sunken to a level of desperation and unprofessionalism that they are actually treating her as if she might be the figure that finally brings down President Trump.

For more unbelievable details on just how desperate CNN has become, be sure to check out the video below.