Congress Receives Evidence Hillary Clinton was given “Special Status” in FBI’s Investigation of her Emails

Liberals love to talk about the elite class. This is a truly Marxist term, and they use it to try to decry anyone who finds abnormal success in our great nation. Still, the term occasionally has its uses — such as describing the Clintons. Every American with even half an education knows that Hillary got away with monumental crimes against the country.

We don’t know if Comey was coerced or just on her team, but there is no question that a normal American would have faced a lifetime in prison for committing just one of her myriad crimes.

And still, she walks free. The left is so determined to be anti-Trump that they are now fully supporting the woman who they caught corrupting their own party. It was largely the left who railed against her for cheating Bernie in the primaries, but now that Trump wants to pursue justice, they rally behind her.

Losing the election was not a punishment for her crimes; it merely stemmed the tide. She shouldn’t be ignored just because she is out of office. She deliberately hurt our country, and a full investigation is the only correct course of action.

Thankfully, Congress might actually be ready to complete their first useful action in years and see this through. There is hard evidence that Hillary escaped justice, and this video has it all. Watch the video below and see what we can expect from Congress. Maybe, just maybe, the Clintons’ reign of terror is finally nearing its end.