Democrats Have Forfeited All Credibility with the FISA Memo

Despite fighting relentlessly to prevent the FISA memo from being released to the public, many Democrats are now claiming that the FISA memo’s release hurts the credibility of Republicans, not Democrats.

Since the release of the FISA memo, Democrats in Congress have downplayed its significance, saying that it is a “nothing-burger” that Republicans have blown out of proportion. This new approach to handling the fallout of the FISA memo comes in spite of the fact that the same Democrats spent weeks leading up to its release saying that the FISA memo was too significant to declassify and that doing so could compromise national security.

The reality is that Democrats have lost an embarrassing amount of credibility due to the FISA memo’s release. Not only did they find themselves on the side seeking to hide information from the public, they failed in that endeavor and were consequently exposed for collaborating with the DOJ and FBI to take down a duly elected President. That’s a major blow for a single memo to deal and one that Democrats are still reeling from.

With this being the case, the question of which party lost the most credibility due to the release of the FISA memo really isn’t a question at all. For more on all the ways the FISA memo has hurt the Democratic Party, be sure to check out the video below.