Dennis Rodman Goes off on Obama and Praises Trump

“The Worm” has officially turned. Former NBA superstar Dennis Rodman adorned a MAGA hat while being interviewed on CNN in support of Pres. Trump’s historic summit with Kim Jong Un.

Rodman, affectionately known as “The Worm” during his playing days, ranked among the most controversial players ever to grace an NBA court. His heavily tattooed and body-pierced frame was an anomaly while winning championships with the Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls during the 1980s and 1990s.

His brash, provocative interviews often revolved around his unwillingness to shoot the ball and celebrity dating. But during the last five years, Rodman has acted as a go-between trying to form a diplomatic solution between North Korea and the United States.

On this CNN interview, an emotional Dennis Rodman pours his heart out as host Chris Cuomo fails in his attempts to divert the former athlete away from touting Pres. Donald J. Trump. As Rodman streams tears of joy, the CNN host awkwardly interjects questions about whether North Korea’s Kim speaks English or not.

The five-time champion explains how he endured death threats for maintaining a friendship with North Korea’s leader. Rodman let’s all his emotions flow as he feels vindicated for trusting that Kim would negotiate peace in good faith. But that’s not the only reason Rodman’s emotional.

Take a few moments to check out this interview and find out why Dennis Rodman goes off on Obama!