Fareed Zakaria Praises Trump Assassination Play

New York City is a liberal town. While there have been Republican mayors and other politicians who have hailed from the nation’s largest city, New York remains a major Democratic stronghold. Without New York and Southern California, Democrats would have few powerful regions in the United States (as is apparent when looking at a map of county by county voting in the most recent Presidential Election).

So, when a Donald Trump bashing event takes place in NYC, it shouldn’t shock anyone. However, a Shakespeare group recently put on its annual play in Central Park, aiming to depict the telling of Julius Cesar with modern visuals. The only thing is Julius Cesar is dressed to appear like Donald Trump. And during the play, Donald Trump is murdered.

The depiction of a president murdered in plain sight is troubling. Nearly 10% of all presidents have been assassinated, with Ronald Regan and Teddy Roosevelt (two Republicans) surviving assassination attempts. While there has not been an assassination attempt (that the American public knows about) since the 1980s, it is something that has happened in the past.

If such a play had taken place featuring President Obama, news stations would be up in arms about it. Instead, CNN’s Fareed Zakaria has praised the Trump assassination in the play. While the depiction is protected by the 5th Amendment, the backing of a news figure head is troubling. Watch the video below to see more.