Fastest Growing Category of Racially Motivated Hate Crimes is Against White People

Liz Wheeler of One America News Network takes a closer look at a recent FBI report that most mainstream media outlets are using to prove that hate crimes against Muslims and blacks have, in the Bureau’s words ‘skyrocketed’ in the last two years. According to Wheeler, a look at the real numbers in that report shows a very different picture. One that proves the media is “lying to you”.

Hate crimes did increase by 5% between 2015 and 2016. That is indeed a very bad thing. Even worse is that the media and Democrats have joined in an open conspiracy to skew the FBI’s report so that Republicans seem to be to blame for that fake news.

Wheeler graphically shows how the media and progressives create misleading tweets and headlines to perpetuate their agenda. According to the FBI report, hate crimes against Jews and Catholics rose at a greater rate than Muslims but the media had nothing to say about that.

Watch the video and see commentary on this startling fact.

FBI: Hate crimes motivated by anti-white bias are fastest growing of hate crime. 20% of all hate crimes are anti-white 2016 compared to: anti-Hispanic/Latino rose 18.46%. Most will be even more surprised what the rate was for anti-Black hate crime.

The question raised in the video is why is nothing reported on CNN, MSNBC, and often not even on FOX about the troubling increase in hate crimes against whites.