FBI Tactics Used on Trump’s Lawyer’s Office was Terroristic to Frighten Trump

So, the left has fully committed to their biggest attack on Trump yet. The FBI has raided the home and offices of Trump’s longtime personal lawyer. While you’ve probably already heard this news, there are some important details you need to understand. First, nothing at all like this has ever happened before. The legality of this seizure is entirely up in the air, and regardless of what is found, there is going to be major fallout from this move.

The biggest issue is that everything between Trump and his lawyers is covered by attorney-client privilege. This bars even the FBI from reading files or documents that would violate the privilege. The only exception to this rule is if it can be proven that the conversations between the attorney and his client were criminal in nature. The FBI, so far, has revealed nothing to suggest as much. In fact, the myriad of investigations and searches surrounding Trump have all unanimously demonstrated that he has committed no crimes.

What this all means is that the FBI will have to prove that Trump was criminally involved with Russia, or they will be obstructing justice. It’s an extremely messy situation, and we’re left wondering why the left would be ready to make such a dangerous move. Well, there is a good answer, and you’ll find it in this video.