Former NSA Director says Trump Deserves Credit for Acting on North Korea after Obama Did Not

Who’s to blame for fat kid Kim Jong Un threatening the U.S. and the world with nuclear blackmail?

One doesn’t have to look too much further than the last presidential administration, according to this clip from CNN. In it, former Director of the National Security Agency (NSA) Michael Hayden assigns blame where much of it is due for why the rogue North Korean despot is now in the powerful position he’s in.

Put simply, Barack Obama is the real reason we didn’t hear much about the North Korean threat for the last eight years, and now, it’s virtually impossible not to be confronted with it in the media. This is because, for a large part, Obama and his officials sat around and did nothing while Kim Jong Un and his generals stockpiled uranium, assembled nuclear centrifuges and built nuclear bombs that they’re now loading onto intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

Obama’s policy of “strategic patience” is the reason why much of the talk about dealing with North Korea now is centered around military action — or at least in the short-term; because Obama and his cabinet believed that ignoring or placating the Hermit Kingdom was the best way to deal with an 800-pound gorilla in the foreign relations room. That gorilla is now impossible to banish without a risk of millions of people dying.

Editorials in both left-wing and right-wing publications currently agree that “there are no good options for the North Korean problem,” and that if Kim Jong Un’s rhetoric keeps up, the only choice left may be to use military force. Fortunately, however, the Trump administration has fully supported and enabled world agreement on new oppressive sanctions that may yet bring North Korea back to the bargaining table. Watch as Hayden bluntly tells CNN’s Chris Cuomo that President Trump needs to be given credit where credit is due.