Gary Cohen Resigns after 6 FAILED Attempts to Thwart Trump’s ‘America First’ Agenda

A recent Fox Business Network segment debates the recent exit of one of Pres. Trump’s top economic advisors who made numerous attempts to stop the president from slapping “America First” tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum imports.

Hosted by Fox’s Charles Payne, political commentators Ned Ryun and Sarah Westwood join a self-affirming discussion that poses the question: How did Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn last this long?

Ryun, author and founder of the Conservative organization American Majority, takes Cohn to task over his trade philosophy that apparently ran contrary to Pres. Trump’s campaign promises. In a backhanded insult, Ryun goes as far as to say that Cohn had no business being in the Trump White House and was better suited to pair up with Obama-era globalists.

Westwood, the Washington Examiner’s White House correspondent, leveled even harsher criticism about Gary Cohn and his long-standing efforts to thwart Pres. Trump’s nationalist agenda. She points to Cohn’s failure to achieve personal goals that may have included becoming the Federal Reserve Chairman or even rising to White House Chief of Staff.

After stinging nicknames from the president such as “Globalist Gary,” the handwriting appeared to be on the wall that Cohn was on his way out.

Take a few minutes and check out this Fox Business post on YouTube and find out what these experts predict for the Trump Administration’s economic agenda going forward.