George Soros Loses $1 Billion on Trump Rally

If you don’t know the name George Soros by now you’ve likely been living under a rock. The hedge fund manager became a billionaire by playing in the financial markets of countries around the world. He beat up and manipulated currencies of nations around the world. He’s done it to Russia, England, and China—after which Russia banned him from their country and issued a warrant for his arrest.

He also was a major contributor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. He famously donated millions of dollars in the hopes that when she took office she would relax some Wall Street regulations so that he could manipulate our currency too—with no regard to how that would affect Americans.

Soros was so sure his large campaign contributions—as well as funding social movements like Black Lives Matter—would get Hillary elected that he bet $1 billion against Donald Trump’s win.

Of course, the egg’s on his face now, as not only did Donald Trump win the election, but the U.S. market has taken a massive turn up, rebounding on the news of Trump winning. Donald Trump is seen as good for business, which is good for the American people as this will likely mean more jobs, higher wages and better incomes.

So not only did Hillary Clinton lose but George Soros lost $1 billion as well. To find out how Trump winning caused Soros to lose such a large sum, watch this excellent video below.