Go Home Meryl!

The Golden Globes took place last Sunday. For fans of movies and television, this is can be a fun time to watch favorite celebrities or to revel in the fact that a favorite movie won a top award. Many people do become connected with certain performers, so watching these kind of award shows allows one to see celebrity’s true personality.

At least, until privileged millionaires decide to take to the pulpit and go on political rants. This is not the proper time or place to go on political rants.

If a normal Jane or Joe won an award for top marketer of the year and went on a political rant during their award speech, you know what would happen? They very well could be fired. Well, Meryl Streep gets to say whatever she wants apparently, which is exactly what she did at the Golden Globes.

Meryl Streep recently receive the lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes. This is an award that is announced ahead of time, so she knew she was going to win. Due to this, she had plenty of time to write up a speech. During the speech she decided to use her liberal bias and blast Donald Trump, criticizing him for actions that have been taken completely out of context (thanks to the liberal media).

Thankfully, there are individuals who do not cower to an actress who works 25 days a year. Tomi Lahren of The Blaze exposes Meryl Streep’s complete liberal bias. Check out all of it in the video link.