Growing Dangers from MS-13 Gang

I don’t have to tell you why ISIS is so dangerous—unfortunately at this point we all know the group’s history and goal. They have influenced terrorist acts throughout the world as the group attempts to push its radical Islamic ideas into the minds of other Muslims around the world.

However, while fear of ISIS is high it is still a foreign entity; gangs and domestic terrorists often affect more Americans than those with any allegiance or desired connection to the Islamic State. One such gang currently wreaking havoc on the streets of the United States goes by the name MS-13.

Like many of the other gangs to develop in Southern California over the years, MS-13 originally started in Central America and worked its way up into the United States. The gang has thousands of members within the United States, with members believed to live in every state of the country.

MS-13 members are known for being both violent and sadistic—and not to just other gang members—but normal civilians who happen to get in the way of their plans. In fact MS-13 is actually more dangerous than ISIS in the United States.

Violence at home is always an important issue to deal with so removing this kind of internal violence is crucial. President Donald Trump is attempting to help with this issue. But the question remains—how did a home-group gang become more dangerous than ISIS? Watch the video to find out more.