High School Photoshops Pro-Trump Clothes out of Student’s Yearbook

Democrats enjoy touting themselves as the open minded political party. A party that fully embraces everyone from different walks of life. This is all true, until someone has a different viewpoint or belief. Once someone has a different belief they are completely shut out. If someone wants to follow their own religious beliefs, they are instantly judged. If there is someone who has a different political view point, graduating classes will walk out on them. Sadly, this doesn’t just take place in the adult world. It now happens to teenagers who want to show their political ideology.

Recently, a high school removed all indications of President Donald Trump support. The support did not appear on teacher’s who may have been in violation of some code of conduct form. Instead, the three graduating students had their Donald Trump support removed from the annual yearbook. Two of these students wore Donald Trump clothing while another used a Donald Trump quote as her senior quote. The senior quote was removed and the students wearing Donald Trump’s name had the information edited out.

Children in high school are just starting to come into their own political ideals. Why stifle their burgeoning ideas to make them think their beliefs aren’t valid.  Watch the video of one of these students to find out what he thinks should be done.