Hillary Clinton Called Out by CNN for Pathetic Response to Harvey Weinstein

What a mess!

The recent apocryphal sexual harassment and rape allegations against film producer and Hollywood honcho Harvey Weinstein have produced only a few bare whimpers of protest from top leaders in the Democratic Party, which Weinstein gave huge amounts of money to over the last two decades.

The Times blew the whistle in early October on Weinstein after complaints made by numerous actresses and former employees of his company became public. These complaints had been simmering for years and only recently came to a head when an Italian actress named Ambra Battilana filed reports with the New York Police Department.

But the political fallout from Weinstein’s sins is equally shocking, as Weinstein wasn’t just a huge donor to top Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama — he was also a key “bundler,” meaning he organized fundraisers and Hollywood dinners that raised literally millions of dollars for these candidates.

Watch, as Wolf Blitzer and Chris Cillizza discuss the woefully inadequate response to the Weinstein affair from Clinton and other Democratic leaders in this rare critical clip from normally Clinton-friendly network CNN.