Hillary Clinton Exposed for Not Defending Women’s Rights in Fair Pay

No serious economist takes the gender pay gap seriously. If you account for the differing life choices of men and women and the time needed for maternity by new mothers- the pay gap disappears entirely. Studies on human behavior and psychology show again and again, that men prefer work that involves physical objects, while women prefer work that involves other people. If you just take a look around you, it’s not difficult to see why work involving things, (like computer gadgets for example), pays better than work with people.

Of course, the only reason we have to say this is because human biology is under constant attack by the radical left and their moralizing armies of low information flunkies. The first thing they’ll say it, ‘Not every woman is like that!’ Well, of course not every woman is like that. There are always exceptions to the rule. Then some soy fed man will come along and say the same thing, pointing out the fact that he’s a stay-at-home-dad to a bevy of toy poodles.

But it turns out that even leftist Presidential administrations and practically all big corporations and business cannot manage to jerry-rig their workforce so that women and men are making the same money. They can’t force pay equity on people because people make their own choices.

Now we find out that not even the Clinton Foundation can live up to their phony equity standards. The One America News network has more on that story.