Hillary’s Former Secret Service Agent Tells All about the Former First Lady

Hillary Clinton has been in public service (we’re using the term ‘service’ extremely loosely here), for more than 30 years. Before that, she was a trial lawyer, and before that she was known for forming strange alliances during her college years. A host of eyebrow-raising accounts surrounding Clinton’s behavior over the last three decades has come to light. From the decades-old tape of her laughing about successfully defending a man who had raped a 12 year old girl, to the 2016 account of an NBC studio staffer who described an outburst Hillary had backstage in which she raved, “If that son of a b#tch, [Donald Trump] gets elected, we’ll all hang from nooses,” the amount of credible dirt on Hillary is enormous.

Of course, the body count surrounding the Clintons is also enormous. By most recent estimates, the number of mysterious deaths and questionable suicides of people who had been in close contact with the Clintons- or were on their way to testify in court against the Clintons is somewhere between 43 and 50. At this point, it’s hard to keep track.

It would be imprudent to leave out the verifiable misdeeds of Hillary Clinton, including the fact that the Clinton charities have never been properly regulated, authorized, or reported. That alone has gotten people put away for long prison sentences for far lesser versions of the crime.

But an interesting account has been offered up by a former secret service agent who guarded Hillary for over a decade. LNT News has the story in the video below.