Hollywood’s Moral Hypocrisy on President Trump vs. Harvey Weinstein

Oh, the hypocrisy… it’s rich, isn’t it?

When President Trump has a private discussion on a tour bus and uses a little “locker room talk,” the nation’s entertainers and liberal pundits go crazy, raising a stink and an uproar that rivals that which followed ex-President Bill Clinton’s indiscretions in scope. But when one of the biggest film producers in Hollywood — Weinstein Company honcho and former Miramax founder Harvey Weinstein — was found to have callously harassed actresses and abused women on his payroll for decades, Hollywood’s silence is deafening.

For years, Weinstein got away with it all, as actress after actress told tales of being so frightened to stand up to the serial abuser and harasser that they stumbled for excuses as to why they couldn’t be in the same hotel room alone with him. The corpulent sleaze, who’s been married to fashion designer Georgina Chapman for a decade, denies many of the allegations.

From Ashley Judd, who claimed Weinstein asked her to watch him shower, to Rose McGowan, who received a $100,000 settlement from the producer for undisclosed actions, many actresses were afraid to call Weinstein out for his antics for fear of not being able to work in Hollywood again.

Now, Weinstein has been forced out of his own company and is suing The New York Times for libel as more and more employees and actresses come out of the woodwork with accusations. Compared to Donald Trump using a few crude words in private, Weinstein’s behavior is off the deep end.

Watch as Fox’s Stuart Varney lets loose on the showbiz and media establishment that willingly turned a blind eye to such abuse. It’s apocryphal, especially in light of the fact that Weinstein was a giant Democratic Party donor.