How the International Community Really Sees President Trump

Our liberal, mainstream media outlets would have you believe the rest of the world looks unfavorably on President Donald Trump. The news shows small protests of people in varying countries and touts it as how the global population looks towards Trump. The problem with this is its not true. In reality, the United States president is always going to have protests, regardless of who the president is or what their policies are. President Obama had protests when he traveled internationally, but the media was too busy worshiping the man to report and showcase these protests. So how does the rest of the world view Donald Trump? That really is where it becomes interesting.

Most other countries wants to avoid major military conflict. Despite this, the major problem areas involve small nations with little to no value to neighboring countries. North Korea is the prime example of this. The country continues to test nuclear weapons while leaving the national population malnourished and under privileged. For the most part (especially under the Obama administration), China and the Soviet Union backed North Korea, which made setting up extreme sanctions extremely difficult, if not impossible. Now, however, President Trump has been able to bring the international community together, including Russia and China to sign onto these sanctions until North Korea gives up its nuclear weapons (and stops making threats).

With his ability to work miracles like this in varying regions of the world, some of the international community is now comparing President Trump to one of the country’s greatest and most important past presidents. Who is he being compared to? Check out the video to find out!