Is 2018 the Year of the Libertarian Party?

Did you know that America is not a two-party country? There are no rules anywhere limiting how many parties can exist and run for any given office. What we do have is a voting system that is pretty close to “winner takes all.”

And, it is the nature of our system that gave rise to two dominant parties while the others combine for less than five percent of the total vote. As much as I hate to agree with political scientists, this is the one prediction they have consistently made correctly: third party candidates don’t win.

Yet, in the face of historically insurmountable odds, the Libertarian party has grown substantially in the last few years. In 2016, they set records with their biggest share of a presidential vote ever. Now, leaders in the party are hoping to ride that momentum and make 2018 an even bigger year. You might think that Trump and the GOP have a lock on the midterms, but that lazy attitude is exactly what cost the Democrats so dearly just a little over a year ago.

In this video, John Stossel interviews one of the head honchos of the libertarian movement. See what he thinks about his party’s successes and future potential.