Is Legal Marijuana Still Legal?

Ben Shapiro addressed Attorney General Jeff Session’s announcement that he is rescinding a number of memos from former president Obama that enacted a policy of non-interference with marijuana-friendly state laws.

In his usually insightful way, Shapiro explains something called the “Cole Rule” which allowed states to do what they wanted to do much like DACA did for some illegal immigrants.

When several states began to legalize marijuana, former deputy attorney general, Jim Cole released a directive that has come to be known as the Cole memo or Cole rule. Under that rule, his department recognized that marijuana remains illegal under the federal Controlled Substances Act but freed federal prosecutors to focus their resources elsewhere as long as the states didn’t threaten other federal priorities, such as targeting cartels or preventing the distribution of the drug to minors.

Watch the video as Shapiro agrees that he thinks that marijuana should be legalized but only as the Constitution allows for anything to be made legal – change whatever law that needs to be changed via Congress.

Shapiro explains in the video that the Executive Branch is to execute laws given to it by the Legislative Branch – not create laws or ignore laws.