Is there a First Lady Double Standard?

Remember the good old days when the family members of politicians were sort of “off limits” for widespread media attention? Well, it looks like those days are gone for good now that we have a truly elegant, beautiful and intelligent woman in the White House.

The mainstream liberal media likes to paint themselves as middle-of-the-road, totally objective truth-seekers. But nothing could be further from reality when you compare the way Melania Trump is being treated with the accolades that were heaped upon Michelle Obama for nine years (dating back to the 2008 campaign trail).

From her fake garden planted by the Park Service to her transgender and Islamic “Christmas” decorations on the White House Christmas tree, everything that Michelle Obama did was treated as a celebration of goodness in the world. Michelle Obama literally made every American child’s school lunches worse through her nanny-state actions and yet she was celebrated on a daily basis as a strong, powerful and intelligent woman.

But First Lady Melania Trump, well… you know, she’s, ahem, married to you-know-who.

So where are the media reports lavishing praise on Melania for her work with children? Where are the Vogue magazine covers highlighting her elegant fashion sense? Where are the hour-long specials with Oprah or the tourism puff pieces showcasing the spectacular Christmas decorations at the White House this year?

Laura Ingraham says you probably shouldn’t hold your breath waiting for those types of stories about Melania. If you can stomach it, check out the side-by-side comparisons that Laura Ingraham highlights in the following video to see just how petty and transparent the media is when it comes to covering First Lady Melania Trump.