James Comey’s Former Co-Worker Rips His Job Performance

Many House and Senate Democrats have praised former FBI Director James Comey for his integrity and for letting Hillary Clinton off the hook for her illegal server and deleting emails. But how do his former co-workers feel about Comey’s work on the most highly-publicized criminal investigation of the 2016 election season? They must love Comey, right?

After all, Hillary’s vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine called Comey “a wonderful and tough public servant… with the highest standards of integrity.” Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that Comey is a “great man” and that America is lucky to have him. Likewise, ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee Elijah Cummings (D-MD) told Comey in a public hearing that he was proud of him for the Clinton cover-up.

Let’s just say that those who worked with him, like former Assistant FBI Director James Kallstrom, have a different take on Comey. Kallstrom is a Vietnam vet, former Marine and current chairman of the Marine Corps – Law Enforcement Foundation. Mr. Kallstrom was with the FBI through the 1990s and outranked both Comey and current Special Counsel Robert Mueller when the two were friends and “rising stars” in the Clinton Department of Justice (Comey and Mueller both worked under Eric Holder at the time, for those who are keeping track).

Kallstrom appeared on Fox News to give his take on how Comey led the Clinton email server investigation and Comey’s subsequent exoneration of Clinton. He must not have received the same memo about Comey that Pelosi and Tim Kaine were reading from!

Check out the video below to see Kallstrom detail what working with his former co-worker Jim Comey was like.