Jimmy Kimmel Suggests Republicans Don’t Care about LV Tragedy. One Conservative Sounds Off

Oh, shut up, Jimmy Kimmel!

The ABC late-night host went down an emotional rabbit hole in the wake of the tragic shooting incident in Las Vegas last week in a monologue to his show’s audience, talking about all the reasons why strict gun control measures need to be immediately implemented by Congress.

As Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief and attorney Ben Shapiro says, Kimmel’s babbling and conjecture don’t add up to a can of beans because he repeatedly uses twisted contentions and straw-man arguments that simply aren’t true.

For instance, Kimmel insists that President Trump made it easier in February for mentally ill persons to buy firearms, a claim that’s patently absurd (what Trump did was to enforce the due process of law so that people could not have their own guns taken away from them for no reason). He also tries to use the same ridiculous assertion that Hillary Clinton made the other day about noise suppressors (which both imbeciles referred to as “silencers”) that’s just as ludicrous.

Kimmel further goes on to tearfully remind viewers that he and other members of his show hail from Las Vegas, and he can’t imagine why Congress is so eager to take the NRA’s money in order to not implement gun control laws (another flat-out falsehood).

Watch, as Shapiro exposes Kimmel’s deficient rhetoric for the liberal propaganda for what it is and proves that once again, Democrats rely on emotions and assumptions rather than facts and logic to make their faulty arguments.