Justin Timberlake’s America Loving Music Video Causes Liberal Uproar

Will the hilarious mental gymnastics of the Democrat Party never cease? Former NSYNC singer and Janet Jackson bodice-ripper Justin Timberlake has released a trailer for his new album (apparently trailers for albums are now a thing) and the left has lost its collective mind.

Timberlake is going back to his roots with his next album, which is, for the Democrat Party, a horrible thing if you happen to be white (double-bad if you’re a white man!). Mr. Timberlake is from a small town in Tennessee and the trailer features him in lots of outdoor settings in the country, looking out over the hills where his ancestors settled. Timberlake, by the way, is the son of a church choir director and he grew up listening to all the country music greats in Nashville.

At any rate, Timberlake is now in hot water with Democrats and progressives for going back to, and appreciating, his roots. Which is ironic, because a year ago the same magazines that are now trashing him for “colonial fantasies” (a term that only a leftwing journalist would ever use when speaking about someone like Justin Timberlake) were yelling at him for “cultural appropriation.” Timberlake just can’t win with the intellectually dishonest left! They call him a racist for his prior career and they call him a racist when he tries something new.

Check out Ben Shapiro’s take on the controversy and some clips from the Timberlake trailer in the video below. As for Justin Timberlake, we hope the album sells an extra million copies, especially since it has the left throwing their usual temper tantrums.