Liberal Actor Mark Ruffalo Tells News Stations to Stop Hiring ‘White’ Conservatives

The purpose of news organizations is to deliver the news to viewers and readers in order to better educate them on what is going on in the world. The delivery of news has drastically changed in the last several decades, with skilled journalists now being pushed out in favor of entertaining talking heads. While most news stations still deliver the news in some shape or form, nearly all are now slanted to one side or the other. Many even leave out important information in reporting or cover topics that are either conservative or liberal leaning, based on how the station is slanted (with the vast majority of the national media leaning heavily to the left). However, in an attempt to reach across party lines and to at least encourage some sort of dialog between the left and right, many stations do seek to hire both Democrat and Republican leaning news anchors (gone are the days where viewers and readers would not know the political affiliation of a reporter or anchor on national news stations).

MSNBC, which has long leaned to the left, has recently brought in several more conservative reporters in order to spark debate. However, actor Mark Ruffalo, most famously known for his role as The Hulk in the current Marvel Cinematic Universe, tweeted to MSNBC, begging them to stop hiring “white conservatives.” He even took this several steps further. Watch the video to see more.