Liberal Lunatic Chelsea Handler wants to Arrest People who Make Racist Jokes

The liberal thought police are everywhere! Especially in the entertainment industry, as YouTube’s Mark Dice makes clear in this funny-but-not-really-funny clip featuring the insipid antics of comedienne Chelsea Handler.

Handler, who may be best known for her un-hilarious comedy books, tweeted that she believes that people here in America should be arrested (perhaps by the “thought police”?) for making racist jokes. This was after two Chinese tourists in Berlin, Germany were arrested recently for joking around and performing the Nazi “Heil Hitler” salute in that city. Of course, Handler doesn’t mention that Germany (and all of Europe, really) had a little tussle a few years back called World War II, in which 6 million Jews died as well as many millions of Poles, Russians, Eastern Europeans and, yes, Germans. So, perhaps the fact that Germany takes a little joke about Nazis seriously may have something to do with that minor skirmish from several years ago.

Of course, as Dice relates, Handler’s tweet isn’t the only liberal nonsense that’s being promulgated about racism in the media lately. Movie studio 20th Century Fox, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Harvard University and the Department of Justice have also all been in the news recently for other race-related brouhahas. Watch as Dice takes liberals both in and outside these institutions to task for their politically correct lunacy.