Liberals Insane Reason for Disliking Voter ID Laws

Liberals like to pretend they are the superior party when it comes to minorities. After all, the larger percentage of minorities are more likely to vote for Democrats over Republicans (of course there is an entire history that shows Democrats simply provide minimal benefits to keep poor minorities voting for them, but that is an entirely different story all together).

Due to this, Democrats tend to say minorities, including black people, are racially profiled against when a state requires voter identification (such as a state ID). Yet is it really racist to require someone to have the same kind of identification as they would need to buy alcohol, tobacco or even cough medication? Perhaps the real racism is Democrats believing minorities are simply unable to obtain an ID.

Recently, interviews were conducted on the U.C. Berkeley campus with students and professors alike on why voter identification is unfair to blacks and other minorities. The answers they gave indicates it is actually Democrats that believe minorities are second class citizens.

In these interviews, liberals suggest black people are more likely to be poor which means they are not able to receive an ID. Some even went as far to say they do not have the education to understand how to use the Internet in order to obtain an ID.

Basically they said minorities are too dumb to use free Internet access in a library in order to apply for a state ID. If you want more information on how liberals really feel about black people make sure to watch the video.