Mainstream Media Ignoring Major Hole in FBI’s Russia Investigation Story

Has anyone placed former FBI Director James Comey on suicide watch yet? Tick tock, Comey. His former Deputy Director, Andrew McCabe, is offering to testify against Comey in exchange for immunity. In other words, McCabe is ready to flip on his Deep State bosses, which should have everyone in the former Obama administration panicking.

Then, Republicans in the Senate released the unredacted text messages of the anti-Trump FBI lovebirds, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Thanks to that act, we now have definitive “smoking gun” proof that the FBI embedded multiple spies in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in December of 2015 — seven months prior to the date Comey says the investigation was opened and almost a full year before the election! The lies continue to unravel.

Here’s another piece of the conspiracy that is falling apart. Comey and other former Obama administration intel officials have claimed that they started their investigation when the Australian ambassador passed information to the British embassy. According to this convoluted cover story, British intelligence then vetted the information and passed it along to the FBI.

This was supposedly around the time when the fake Russian collusion document, paid for by the Clinton campaign and assembled with the help of British intelligence operatives, somehow ended up in John McCain’s sweaty mitts before he passed it to James Comey.

There’s a slight problem with that “hot tip” from the Australian ambassador, though. Check out this video featuring House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA), where he explains a big wrinkle that the mainstream media has completely ignored.