Man Takes Revenge for Dylan Roof Shooting Up Black Church

Does anyone remember the horrific church shooting in Charleston, South Carolina in 2015 that left nine people (including a state senator) dead and one injured?

In that incident, white supremacist Dylann Roof was convicted of killing the innocent parishioners and the church’s pastor, who were all black (the church was attended predominantly by black churchgoers). Now, just a week ago, near Nashville, Tennessee, 25-year-old African-American Emanuel Samson went into a predominantly white-attended church and shot six people after killing a white woman in the parking lot outside. Samson was ultimately tackled and shot by an usher of the church, who held him until police could arrive.

However, when the news reported this repugnant crime, it left the role race played out of its reports, with neither Samson’s own race being reported, nor those of the parishioners. Instead, reporters interviewed perhaps the sole Hispanic witness to the crime and left the usher’s face as a silhouette on the television report, leaving viewers uninformed about the true motive for the shooting. In reality, Samson had left a note indicating he wanted to take revenge for Roof’s despicable massacre two years prior. But according to the TV news reports about this incident, Samson’s motive was “unclear.”

That’s the extent to which the mainstream media seems to want to drive political correctness — to the point at which valuable and pertinent information is intentionally left out of its reporting. As TruthTV’s Vincent Rhodes tells it in this disturbing clip, that’s just flat-out wrong.

Find out more about this heinous story in the clip below.