Maxine Waters Says She is ‘So Glad’ Confidential Information is Being Leaked

It’s the Democrats’ favorite cuckoo bird, Maxine Waters, at it again!

In this clip, the California Congresswoman, who in the past has been accused of finagling government favors for her family’s businesses, comes right out and says she’s “glad” leaks from the White House are taking place. Of course, were the leaks coming out of her own Congressional office, one can bet that Waters’ attitude would be very different.

The fact of the matter is that Waters has had a chip on her shoulder about President Trump since before he took office, and her voice is one of the loudest clamoring for his impeachment at any cost. Yet, Waters herself will be the first to admit that no evidence exists yet that would give Congress (which is dominated by Republicans anyway) the power to impeach the current commander-in-chief. But why should that stop the Democrats?

Given Waters’ rhetoric and highly prominent media appearances, one almost has to wonder if the Democratic National Committee (DNC) isn’t giving her (and her family) a little something extra to keep pushing the impeachment narrative. After all, it probably isn’t her constituents that want her to look and sound like she’s on Planet 10 every time she appears on TV. Watch as Waters’ big mouth and expensive clothes force viewers to speculate about who’s pulling her strings.