Meghan McCain is on Fire!

Donald Trump uses his Twitter account unlike any other president in the history of the country. Twitter did not truly take off until Obama sat in the White House, but he did very little on his account. More likely than not the vast majority of his tweets were done by an office aid.

Donald Trump almost assuredly tweets out his own messages. This provides for a very interesting window into the world of the presidency. In one of President Trump’s posts, he indicated former President Obama wiretapped him while not only running for office but after he became President Elect. While the President of the United States can order a wiretap on nearly anyone within, it is illegal for a sitting president to wiretap anyone running for office.

Since making the claim, Democrats have come out, demanding proof of the allegation. The Wall Street Journal recently reported former President Obama is livid about the allegations of wiretapping. However, in the past Obama has been extremely outspoken regarding Trump. This is unlike any other president that has served in a generation.

In fact, Fox News host Meghan McCain came out to speak against former President Obama. What exactly did she say? Check out the video to hear for yourself.