Michelle is Not Going to Like This Announcement

Often times when a new president takes office, the First Lady sets up different programs important to her. When President Obama took office back in 2008, Michelle Obama decided she wanted to focus on eating healthy.

She “started a garden” (actually the White House lawn staff performed most of this, but Michelle took the credit) and she put into action a “healthy” food program for schools around the country. A noble cause except for how she implemented it. The health food program proved to be a complete disaster. Think of it as Obamacare for school lunches.

The lunches basically reduced calories by reducing the amount of food students received, and much of the food was in the poorest quality. Students actually started protests and social media action against the food change.

The food given to students cost less (most likely to help pay for all of her extravagant vacations around the world), so just about every single student on the program suffered. Thankfully, this will no longer be an issue.

Congress just announced it would be stopping the failed school lunch program started by Michelle. If there is one way for students to improve their grades, it is to have high-quality meals that give them the energy to make it through the day. Michelle’s meals robbed students of this opportunity.

To find out more regarding this disastrous food program and how Congress is giving the program the boot? Check out the video.