Michelle Obama Gloriously Ripped for Complaining about ‘Struggles’

When looking at traditional Hollywood, most individuals who speak out tend to lean heavily towards the left. There are the musicians and actors who threaten to move out of the country should a Republican win the presidency (because Cher moving from Malibu to Quebec really made sense).

Now, it wouldn’t be accurate to say all of Hollywood is a Democrat. The sad thing though is the entertainment industry is extremely closely knit, so most Republicans do not feel safe to speak out and criticized the opposing view point simply because they don’t want to be ostracized from their line of work. It takes someone with enough clout and with a strong anchor within the industry to know their careers are safe. That is exactly why actor James Wood decided to make a stand and speak about something liberals likely wouldn’t be fans of.

Actor James Wood is one of those individuals you may not initially recognize from his name (partially because he’s been relegated to B movies for his conservative beliefs), yet he is instantly recognizable. He has appeared in movies including The Virgin Suicides, Any Given Sunday, Casino, Once Upon a Time in America and was the lead in the movie Salvador. He also voiced Hades in the Disney animated movie Hercules and played himself in episodes of The Simpsons and Family Guy.

In a recent interview, James Wood spoke out against Michelle Obama for her complaining about her White House struggles. His rip of her was exquisite and pointed out her raging hypocrisy. What exactly did she say and what was his response? Check out the video to find out now.