Michelle Obama Rips GOP for being Party of Old, White Men. Says Democrats are More Diverse. Is She Right?

No, it isn’t just the mainstream media spouting fake news… Sometimes it’s the former First Lady of the United States!

Yes, that’s right, in this case, Michelle Obama was caught telling young female voters utter lies about the value of diversity and how it’s a core tenet of the Democratic Party. If only this were true!

Both Michelle and failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tried to guilt-trip female millennials into thinking that Clinton was the only morally correct choice for president in 2016 because she was female, and being part of the Democratic Party is all about electing diverse leaders.

The only problem is, if one looks at the candidates who ran against Clinton in the Democratic primary, they were all old, white men. This stands in contrast to the 16 Republican primary candidates who ran against President Trump, who represented an array of ethnicities, sexes, religions and backgrounds.

In fact, if you look at who President Trump has working for him in the White House, you’ll find there are more kinds of people represented than in the top tier of the Democratic Party, where you have Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden — an absolutely monochromatic pattern, rather than a dynamic “spectrum of color” that Michelle Obama was attempting to crow about.

Watch, as The Tipping Point’s Liz Wheeler digs into Obama’s argument and finds that just because a former First Lady said something indignantly doesn’t make it true.