Minimum Wage Increase Could Actually Hurt Employees Says Former McDonald’s CEO

We all saw the study. Aggressive minimum wage hikes hurt the very people who receive mandatory raises. It isn’t rocket science. If you ignore the very basics of supply and demand, then you’re doomed to economic failure. We have hundreds of years of historical examples, and still the left insists that their “new” way will work. It isn’t new, and it still doesn’t work. The only difference is that the self-entitled have again doubled down and increased the amount by which they want to be wrong.

In the meantime, Trump and the GOP addressed wages by actually considering supply and demand. By lowering taxes, they increased the cash supply for employers. Low and behold, more than 600,000 workers are already scheduled for a raise and/or bonus. You know all of this. I know all of this, and no matter what we say, the liberals will hide their heads in the sand and keep marching towards ruin. Still, our faith and endurance give us unquenchable optimism, and we keep trying to help those poor souls see reason.

This video will fall largely on deaf ears among your leftist acquaintances, but it’s impossible to give into despair when the country is finally heading in a good direction. The clip has a genuine expert explaining how supply and demand impact wages, so feel free to share it with your economically challenged friends. If nothing else, it will help you reinforce what you already know.