Mom’s Have Strong Message for Michelle Obama who Criticized Women who Voted for Trump

It’s pure garbage!

Recent comments made by Michelle Obama as to why female voters helped put President Trump in office have rankled women across the country, many of whom have said her remarks were disingenuous and biased.

In public remarks, Michelle Obama claimed that women “voted against their own voice” by supporting Donald Trump. Yet in this clip from Fox News, we meet a group of eight of these voters — who all happen to also be mothers — and they appear to have loud, individual and clearly intelligent opinions, especially when it comes to politics.

As opposed to the stereotypical image created by Obama, none of these Moms is a “dumb housewife” who may only have been listening to her husband when she voted for Trump (a charge made by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton). Not so! Each and every one of them has their own career and accomplishments that they can be proud of, and certainly, their voices are their own. Their votes were based on real, everyday issues like taxes, health care, immigration and national security, that they face both as women and as members of households with children.

Watch, as these fascinating ladies each tell their own story and put Michelle Obama back in her place as a clueless Democratic demagogue.